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Automation in cell and gene therapy manufacturing: From past to future

: Moutsantsou, Panagiota; Ochs, Jelena; Schmitt, Robert; Hewitt, Christopher; Hanga, Maria Petronela

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Biotechnology letters 41 (2019), No.11, pp.1245-1253
ISSN: 0141-5492 (Print)
ISSN: 1573-6776 (Online)
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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automation; cell therapy; gene therapy; lab automation; bioreactor; manufacturing

As more and more cell and gene therapies are being developed and with the increasing number of regulatory approvals being obtained, there is an emerging and pressing need for industrial translation. Process efficiency, associated cost drivers and regulatory requirements are issues that need to be addressed before industrialisation of cell and gene therapies can be established. Automation has the potential to address these issues and pave the way towards commercialisation and mass production as it has been the case for classical production industries. This review provides an insight into how automation can help address the manufacturing issues arising from the development of large-scale manufacturing processes for modern cell and gene therapy. The existing automated technologies with applicability in cell and gene therapy manufacturing are summarized and evaluated here.