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Little Brother is Watching - We know all your Secrets!

: Rasthofer, Siegfried; Huber, Stephan; Arzt, Steven

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Virusbulletin, VB 2018. Online resource : Covering the global threat landscape, 3-5 October 2018, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Montreal, 2018
8 pp.
Conference "Virusbulletin" (VB) <2018, Montreal>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer SIT ()

Mobile devices come with a variety of different sensors such as GPS, as well as communication facilities such as SMS and Internet access. While such a rich feature set is very handy for the user, it is also open to abuse by attackers for espionage. The various mobile RATs discovered so far provide undeniable evidence of this dual use possibility. However, it is not only outright malicious apps that can pose a severe threat to mobile users' privacy and security. Benign family-tracking apps allow consenting users to track one another, e.g. to keep an eye on one's children or one's partner. In this research, we evaluated the security level of the most popular family-tracking apps on Android. We assessed the security of the respective apps and conducted assessments of the corresponding backend systems that store and process the user data to determine to what extent the confidentiality of such data is guaranteed. Our evaluation revealed that all of the apps under analysis have grave security issues. Some of these vulnerabilities affect the app implementation, but others allow access to the sensitive tracking data on the backend. These systems either lack authentication mechanisms completely or suffer from common security issues that allow an attacker to easily bypass the safeguards.