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Influence of cutting speed and feed on burr formation

: Stoll, A.; Leopold, J.

High Speed Machining 2007 : Sixth International Conference, 21-22 March 2007, San Sebastian
San Sebastian, 2007
International Conference High Speed Machining <6, 2007, San Sebastian>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
burr minimization; high speed cutting; high performance cutting; FEM

Current results show that there is no practical, suitible, basic approach for estimating and characterizing burr formation. Especially for high speed cutting, several key issues, such as tool wear, influence the friction, residual workpiece stresses and ultasonic cutting tool vibrations havve been ignored till now is considering burr initiation and formation. The aim of the numerical anylysis and FE simulation of burr formation is the minimazition of burr because deburring is expensive and time consuming. Therefore the paper deals with the analysis of the dependence of burr parameters such as burr hight, burr foot width or the size of the hydrostatic bowl an high speed cutting conditions. Different cutting speeds and feed rates as well as their influence on the burr have been investigated to give recommendations for burr minimization in high speed cutting.