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Multispace Office. Implications of Work Environment Choice for Organizational Innovation

: Haner, Udo-Ernst

Bitran, Iain (Ed.) ; International Society for Professional Innovation Management -ISPIM-:
Celebrating innovation - 500 years since Da Vinci : XXX ISPIM Innovation Conference; Florence, Italy, 16-19 June 2019, DVD-ROM
Oslo: ISPIM, 2019 (LUT scientific and expertise publications 93)
ISBN: 978-952-335-351-0
12 pp.
International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM Innovation Conference) <30, 2019, Florence>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Work environment choice and change are important but still largely underestimated managerial decisions not considering the long-term impact of the choice made on the organization. This paper presents findings from an empirical study based on an online-survey of work environment experts, both on the supply-side and on the demand-side in Germany (n=1,067). The results suggest that there is a type of office environments – the so-called multispace office – that from an organizational development perspective is in many ways superior to all other office types. If there are a range of different spatial options available in the workspace, and if all employees can use these options on a flexible basis, the working environment provides a significantly higher support function to the organization. Consequently, the choice of the work environment has implications on the implementation of organizational innovations.