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New applications and services in smart buildings using multifunctional transponders

: Bögel, D. vom; Scherer, K.

MST News (2001), No.2, pp.34-35
ISSN: 0948-3128
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IMS ()
smart house; smart home; smart environment; smart card; intelligentes Haus; transponder; Chipkarte; intelligentes System

This article presents a new kind of transponders that have additional sensoric features beside the usual identification and data carrier functions. An integrated temperature sensor and an analog interface to a variety sensors is available. This provides the application potential e. g. not only for identification of goods to be cooled, but also to monitor the temperature over time for individual goods, e. g. perisherables. Furthermore the transponder system can be combined with the internet to build a technology that allows totally new services like automatic replenishment of food products.