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Paradigm shift in safety assessment using new approach methods

The EU-ToxRisk strategy
: Graepel, R.; Ter Braak, B.; Escher, S.E.; Fisher, C.; Gardner, I.; Kamp, H.; Kroese, D.; Leist, M.; Moné, M.J.; Pastor, M.; Water, B. van de


Current opinion in toxicology 15 (2019), pp.33-39
ISSN: 2468-2020
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITEM ()

The EU-ToxRisk research project is an interdisciplinary research project that aims to advance the paradigm shift in toxicology towards new approach methodology (NAM)–based approaches for risk assessment. In this European research project, experts in the fields of in vitro and in silico techniques and risk assessment from academia, industry and regulatory agencies work together. Using a series of custom-designed case studies, the EU-ToxRisk battery of NAMs is being evaluated to learn how to carry out safety assessment using NAMs. This review article provides an overview of the project, its aims and approach and the methodologies that are being used.