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Porous alginate scaffolds assembled using vaterite CaCO3 crystals

: Sergeeva, A.; Vikulina, A.S.; Volodkin, D.

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Micromachines 10 (2019), No.6, Art. 357, 21 pp.
ISSN: 2072-666X
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Formulation of multifunctional biopolymer-based scaffolds is one of the major focuses in modern tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Besides proper mechanical/chemical properties, an ideal scaffold should: (i) possess a well-tuned porous internal structure for cell seeding/growth and (ii) host bioactive molecules to be protected against biodegradation and presented to cells when required. Alginate hydrogels were extensively developed to serve as scaffolds, and recent advances in the hydrogel formulation demonstrate their applicability as "ideal" soft scaffolds. This review focuses on advanced porous alginate scaffolds (PAS) fabricated using hard templating on vaterite CaCO3 crystals. These novel tailor-made soft structures can be prepared at physiologically relevant conditions offering a high level of control over their internal structure and high performance for loading/release of bioactive macromolecules. The novel approach to assemble PAS is compared with traditional methods used for fabrication of porous alginate hydrogels. Finally, future perspectives and applications of PAS for advanced cell culture, tissue engineering, and drug testing are discussed.