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In situ natural ageing of Al-Cu-(Mg) alloys: The effect of In and Sn on the very early stages of decomposition

: Lotter, F.; Petschke, D.; Geuser, F. de; Elsayed, M.; Sextl, G.; Staab, T.E.M.


Scripta materialia 168 (2019), pp.104-107
ISSN: 1359-6462
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISC ()

The influence of trace elements (0.01 at.% In/Sn) on the decomposition process of Al-Cu-(Mg) alloys during the very early stages of natural ageing has been investigated in situ by small angle X-ray scattering supported with differential scanning calorimetry and hardness measurements. In the binary Al-Cu alloy quenched-in vacancies are bound to In or Sn, resulting in a suppressed Cu clustering process. In Al-Cu-Mg room temperature hardening occurs much faster due to Mg entering the clusters. However, the influence of In or Sn is negligible. Cu and Mg possibly form complexes with quenched-in vacancies before they can reach a trace element atom.