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Investigation of fluorine-based release agents for structural adhesive bonding of carbon fibre reinforced plastics

: Thull, D.; Zimmer, F.; Hofmann, T.; Holtmannspoetter, J.; Koerwien, T.; Hoffmann, M.

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Applied Adhesion Science 7 (2019), No.1, Art.2, 19 pp.
ISSN: 2196-4351
Bundesministerium fur Wirtschaft und Energie BMWi (Deutschland)
20W1303F; SCHACH
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

Peel plies can be used during the manufacture of fibre-reinforced plastics for two reasons: to protect the surface during transport and storing the parts as well as during subsequent work steps, such as adhesive bonding, the removal of the peel ply can result in bondable surface with required surface characteristics. However, the use of peel plies is not straightforward. It can be difficult to remove peel plies and a surface produced by a peel ply is altered in terms of roughness and elemental composition. In the present work, the influence of fluorine-based release agents on adhesive joining of carbon fibre reinforced composites is investigated. Within the scope of the screening, 14 fluorine-based release agents—ETFE release films, PTFE coated glass fabrics as well as fabrics made of PTFE fibres—were investigated. Preliminary studies (Meer, in: Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress 2014, Augsburg, 2015) have shown that ETFE films have advantages in terms of adhesion. The study covers a number of aspects: the determination of the tear strength of the release agent by peel test; the determination of the element composition (XPS) and surface characteristics (SEM) before and after atmospheric pressure plasma pre-treatment, characterization the topology and the characterization of the adhesive strength by centrifugal adhesion test.