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Hybrid refractive holographic single vision spectacle lenses

: Trapp, J.M.; Jabbour, T.G.; Kelch, G.; Pertsch, T.; Decker, M.

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Journal of the European Optical Society 15 (2019), Art. 14, 8 pp.
ISSN: 1990-2573
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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In this contribution, we investigate hybrid single vision spectacle lenses (SVSLs) consisting of holographic optical elements (HOEs) embedded into a refractive lens. We evaluate the performance of two examples of hybrid SVSLs in terms of their distributions of spherical error (SPH error), astigmatic error (AST error) and transverse chromatic error (CE) over the lens surface, simulating the optical performance for the patient’s rotating eye. We find that, particularly for high prescription values, hybrid SVSLs outperform their purely refractive counterparts in terms of CE with the additional benefit of reducing the lens thickness. As such, we show that hybrid refractive, holographic designs can be a viable alternative to purely refractive SVSLs for high prescription SVSLs.