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Fuel choice in industrial steam generation: Empirical evidence reveals technology preferences

: Rehfeldt, Matthias; Globisch, Joachim; Fleiter, Tobias

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Energy strategy reviews 26 (2019), Art. 100407, 5 pp.
ISSN: 2211-467X
ISSN: 2211-4688
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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industry; fuel switch; inter-fuel substitution; steam generation; survey; preference

Scenario analysis of the energy system relies largely on model calculation and underlying techno-economic data. In the industrial context, the influence of behavioral aspects has been neglected or is subject to expert-judgment. Empirical evidence on technology preferences is scarce. In this publication, we present original survey results for preferences in industrial steam generation technologies in Germany. Additionally, we compare the performance of a set of preference parameters derived from these results with expert-judgment. We find that in the sample, coal- and oil-based generation is perceived as less attractive than biomass- and natural gas-based generation by avalue equivalent to 4.40 €ct/kWh and 2.26 €ct/kWh, respectively, for experienced users. This effect is stronger for inexperienced users (+55%). Different results were obtained in an energy system model using these stated preferences and expert judgment (considering revealed preference data). This might hint at a shift of preferences.