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Active Tuning of Spontaneous Emission by Mie-Resonant Dielectric Metasurfaces

: Bohn, J.; Bucher, T.; Chong, K.E.; Komar, A.; Choi, D.-Y.; Neshev, D.N.; Kivshar, Y.S.; Pertsch, T.; Staude, I.


Nano Letters 18 (2018), No.6, pp.3461-3465
ISSN: 1530-6984
ISSN: 1530-6992
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()

Mie-resonant dielectric metasurfaces offer comprehensive opportunities for the manipulation of light fields with high efficiency. Additionally, various strategies for the dynamic tuning of the optical response of such metasurfaces were demonstrated, making them important candidates for reconfigurable optical devices. However, dynamic control of the light-emission properties of active Mie-resonant dielectric metasurfaces by an external control parameter has not been demonstrated so far. Here, we experimentally demonstrate the dynamic tuning of spontaneous emission from a Mie-resonant dielectric metasurface that is situated on a fluorescent substrate and embedded into a liquid crystal cell. By switching the liquid crystal from the nematic state to the isotropic state via control of the cell temperature, we induce a shift of the spectral position of the metasurface resonances. This results in a change of the local photonic density of states, which, in turn, governs the enhancement of spontaneous emission from the substrate. Specifically, we observe spectral tuning of both the electric and magnetic dipole resonances, resulting in a 2-fold increase of the emission intensity at λ ≈ 900 nm. Our results demonstrate a viable strategy to realize flat tunable light sources based on dielectric metasurfaces.