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Igniter Compositions for Lova and Double-Base Propellants Containing

: Weiser, Volker; Kelzenberg, Stefan; Knapp, Sebastian; Koleczko, Andreas; Roth, Evelin


International journal of energetic materials and chemical propulsion 18 (2019), No.2, pp.171-183
ISSN: 2150-766X (print)
ISSN: 2150-7678 (online)
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ICT ()
igniter composition; gun propellant ignition; ADN propellant ignition; KDN

The ignition of modern gun propellants is still a challenging task that requires new igniter compositionsadapted to the particular type of propellant. Pyrotechnic research always looks for newcomponents which may help to improve the performance of an igniter. As an example, potassiumdinitramide (KDN) features in a high potential as effective pyrotechnic oxidizer. In this study, aB/KDN composition is compared with the equivalent B/KNO3 composition, black powder, and adouble-base igniter concerning particle temperatures and their igniter properties. The plume jet ofall igniter compositions was investigated in a window bomb at constant pressure (0.1 to 10 MPaN2) and its interaction with single grains of standard gun powders (double-base, LOVA) and an ammoniumdinitramide (ADN) solid propellant formulation. The ignition behavior was characterizedusing the ignition delay times as a function of the pressure determined from high-speed video andfast emission spectroscopy evaluation. As expected, the ignition delay times decrease drastically withpressure. Igniter compositions producing plume jets including fine particles ignited all propellantsfaster and at lower pressure deflagration limits (PDL) as the particle-free composition. Especially atelevated pressure, B/KDN produces plume jets including a high number of fine particles and in mostcases resulted in the shortest ignition delay times.