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Hydrophobilization of furan-containing polyurethanes via Diels-Alder reaction with fatty maleimides

: Schmidt, Phillipp; Eschig, Steven

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Polymers. Online resource 11 (2019), No.8, Art. 1274, 14 pp.
ISSN: 2073-4360
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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post-polymerization modification; polyurethane; Diels-Alder addition; hydrophobicity; customized polymer; Furan; maleimides; surface modification

We describe new hydrophobic functionalized linear polyurethane resins by combining N-alkyl maleimides via the Diels–Alder reaction with linear furan-modified polyurethanes. This procedure provides the opportunity for the post-polymerization-functionalizing of polyurethanes. Access to furan-bearing polyurethanes is achieved via the reaction of a furan-containing diol, polyethylenglycol (PEG), and different diisocyanates. The furan-containing diol is obtained from the reaction of furfurylamine and two equivalents of hydroxyalkyl acrylate. The resulting furan-bearing polyurethanes are reacted with fatty amine-based N-alkyl maleimides. The maleimide and furan functionalities undergo a Diels–Alder reaction, which allows for the covalent bonding of the hydrophobic side chains to the polyurethane backbone. The covalent bonding of the hydrophobic maleimides to the polyurethane backbone is proven by means of NMR. The influence of the functionalization on the surface properties of the resulting polyurethane films is analyzed via the determination of surface energy via the sessile drop method.