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Stackable SiC Embedded Ceramic Packages for High Voltage and High Temperature Power Electronics Applications

: Bach, Linh; Dirksen, D.; Blechinger, C.; Endres, T.M.; Bayer, C.F.; Schletz, A.; März, M.


IMAPS Additional Conferences (Device Packaging, HiTEC, HiTEN, & CICMT). Online journal (2019), pp.28-33
ISSN: 2380-4491
International Conference and Exhibition on High Temperature Electronics Network (HiTEN) <2019, Oxford>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IISB ()
module concept; ceramic embedding; high temperature packaging

This paper encompasses the development of a high voltage and high temperature capable package for power electronic applications based on the embedding of SiC (silicon carbide) semiconductor devices in ceramic circuit carrier such as direct bonded copper (DBC) substrate. By sealing the semiconductor devices into DBC substrates, high temperature, high voltage and high current capability as well as high corrosion resistance can be achieved compared to state-of-the-art PCB (printed circuit board) embedding technology. The power devices are attached with high temperature stable solder and sinter material, and are surrounded by thermal conductive ceramic and high temperature capable potting materials that enable the complete package to operate at 250 °C or above. Furthermore, the single embedded packages can be stacked together to multilevel DBC topologies with increased voltage blocking characteristics. Thus, current limits of PCB and LTCC (low-temperature co-fired ceramic) based multilayer solutions are exceeded and will be confirmed in the course of this study. This package is designed to carry out the maximal performance of SiC and future WBG (wide band-gap) devices. It is a promising solution for applications in harsh ambient environment such as aerospace and turbine, geothermal well logging, down hole-well oil & gas, but also applicable for HEV/EV (hybrid electric/electric vehicle) and energy conversion.