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Micromachined phase-shifted array-type Mirau interferometer for swept-source OCT imaging

Design, microfabrication and experimental validation
: Gorecki, C.; Lullin, J.; Perrin, S.; Bargiel, S.; Albero, J.; Gaiffe, O.; Rutkovvski, J.; Cote, J.M.; Krauter, J.; Osten, W.; Wang, W.-S.; Weimer, M.; Froemel, J.

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Biomedical optics express. Online journal 10 (2019), No.3, pp.1111-1125
ISSN: 2156-7085
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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OCT instruments permit fast and non-invasive 3D optical biopsies of biological tissues. However, they are bulky and expensive, making them only affordable at the hospital and thus, not sufficiently used as an early diagnostic tool. Significant reduction of system cost and size is achieved by implementation of MOEMS technologies. We propose an active array of 4x4 Mirau microinterferometers where the reference micro-mirrors are carried by a vertical comb-drive microactuator, enabling the implementation of the phase-shifting technique that improves the sensitivity and eliminates unwanted interferometric terms. We focus on the design of the imaging system, the microfabrication and the assembly of the Mirau microinterferometer, and the swept-source OCT imaging.