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Building detection and regularisation using DSM and imagery information

: Mousa, Y.A.; Helmholz, Petra; Belton, David; Bulatov, Dimitri


Photogrammetric record 34 (2019), No.165, pp.85-107
ISSN: 0031-868X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOSB ()
building detection; DEM extraction; digital surface model; polygonal simplification

An automatic method for the regularisation of building outlines is presented, utilising a combination of data- and model-driven approaches to provide a robust solution. The core part of the method includes a novel data-driven approach to generate approximate building polygons from a list of given boundary points. The algorithm iteratively calculates and stores likelihood values between an arbitrary starting boundary point and each of the following boundary points using a function derived from the geometrical properties of a building. As a preprocessing step, building segments have to be identified using a robust algorithm for the extraction of a digital elevation model. Evaluation results on a challenging dataset achieved an average correctness of 96 center dot 3% and 95 center dot 7% for building detection and regularisation, respectively.