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55 W actively Q-switched single oscillator Tm3+, Ho3+-codoped silica polarization maintaining 2.09 µm fiber laser

: Dalloz, Nicolas; Robin, Thierry; Cadier, Benoît; Kieleck, Christelle; Eichhorn, Marc; Hildenbrand-Dhollande, Anne

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Optics Express 27 (2019), No.6, pp.8387-8394
ISSN: 1094-4087
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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A bidirectional 793 nm diode-pumped actively Q-switched Tm3+, Ho3+-codoped silica polarization-maintaining (PM) double-clad (DC) fiber laser is reported. With this fiber laser, 55 W of average output power with 100 ns pulse width at 200 kHz repetition rate and 2.09 µm wavelength is obtained. The pump power injection with end-caps fusion-spliced on fiber tips provides good power stability (< 1.1%) and beam quality factors (M2 < 1.7). The fiber laser output beam polarization factor is 97.5%. At 55 W, no thermal-induced damage is observed on any optical element, and power scaling of the laser is only pump-power-limited in the range of the total available pump power (180 W).