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Study of the filter cake formed due to the sedimentation of monodispersed and bidispersed particles using discrete element method-computational fluid dynamics simulations

: Deshpande, R.; Antonyuk, S.; Iliev, O.


AIChE journal 65 (2019), No.4, pp.1294-1303
ISSN: 0001-1541
ISSN: 1547-5905
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

This study aims to investigate the sedimentation and the consolidation of the packed bed/cake formed due to the monodispersed and bidispersed particles under different flow conditions. Mutual interactions between the bidispersed particles and the liquid are considered by using a polydispersed drag model. The attractive force is considered by using the JKR model. Sensitivity of the void fraction of a sedimented packed bed/cake due to particle–particle interaction parameters is studied. Furthermore, the effect of the fluid flow is analyzed by performing the simulations in two stages. In the first stage, packed bed/cake is formed by the sedimentation of the particles in the absence of the fluid forces and in the second stage flow through the packed bed/cake is simulated by using the CFD coupled with the discrete element method. Based on the simulations, correlations between the sedimented and the consolidated void fractions are developed.