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Reduced metal contamination from crucible and coating using a silicon nitride based diffusion barrier for the growth of cast quasi-single crystalline silicon ingots

: Wolny, F.; Krause, A.; Müller, M.; Fischer, G.; Neuhaus, H.


Journal of Crystal Growth 514 (2019), pp.49-53
ISSN: 0022-0248
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPMS ()

During the crystallization of directionally solidified silicon such as multicrystalline or cast quasi-single crystalline silicon, the diffusion of metal impurities from crucible and coating into the solid silicon ingot at high temperatures creates a severe contamination issue in the edge region of the ingot, the so called red zone. We present an effective diffusion barrier which greatly reduces this detrimental metal diffusion. Silicon wafers are coated with a layer system of silicon oxide and silicon nitride by chemical vapor deposition and are placed on the bottom of the crucible. Using this technique, the metal contamination in the red zone can be reduced by about one order of magnitude. This leads to better solar cell performance of wafers fabricated from this ingot area. Also, less ingot material has to be discarded leading to higher wafer yield per ingot.