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Research study "UAS interaction studies CW and LPM"

: Lanzrath, Marian; Adami, Christian; Suhrke, Michael; Schaarschmidt, Martin

Bundesministerium der Verteidigung -BMVg-, Unterabteilung AIN II, Bonn:
Military Scientific Research Annual Report 2017 : Defence Research for the German Armed Forces
Bonn: BMVg, Unterabteilung Rü IV, 2018
Book Article
Fraunhofer INT ()
UAS; Unmanned Aircraft System; low power microwave; LPM; continuous-wave; CW; Small Unmanned Aircraft; SUA

Unmanned aerial system (UAS) classified as LSS (Low, Small, Slow) pose a threat to military and civilian facilities due to their capabilities for reconnaissance and for carrying payloads (e.g. explosives). Neutralising them with conventional effectors requires considerable effort. Effectors based on sources of strong electromagnetic radiation (HPEM) represent a viable alternative.