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Analyse des Potentials des Fertigungsverfahrens Erodieren zur schnellen Herstellung höchstpräziser Mikrobohrungen

: Zeidler, H.

Chemnitz, 2006, 101 pp.
Chemnitz, TU, Dipl.-Arb., 2006
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Funkenerosion; Mikrobohrung; EDM; Mikro-EDM; Electro Discharge Machining; Erodieren; micro erosion

Electric discharge machining is a thermally induced manufacturing process which works unaffected by workpiece hardness and toughness and applies nearly no mechanical force to the tool. As it can be used for manufacturing of all electrically conducting materials it is predestined for the machining of high-strength materials. In this work, the process is characterised in detail and its influences analysed. The goal is to optimise the EDM process for the manufacturing of micro-holes concerning current and future demands, especially with regard to reduction of machining time, i.e. increasing of process speed and surface quality of the machined patterns. The international state of the art is being analysed and strategies for improving the machining outcome by customisation of the machine tool and its components are developed. In addition, the given recommendations are assessed and reviewed regarding their potential and practicability.