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Laser additive manufacturing of nano-TiC reinforced Ni-based nanocomposites with tailored microstructure and performance

: Gu, Dongdong; Zhang, Hongmei; Dai, Donghua; Xia, Mujian; Hong, Chen; Poprawe, Reinhart


Composites. Part B, Engineering 163 (2019), pp.585-597
ISSN: 1359-8368
ISSN: 1879-1069
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILT ()
metal-matrix composite; selective laser melting (SLM); Nano-TiC; microstructure; mechanical property

Laser additive manufacturing has demonstrated a promising capability in the simultaneous formation of high-performance nanocomposites with unique microstructure characteristics. The present work studied the densification, microstructure and mechanical properties of nano-TiC reinforced Inconel 718 composites processed by selective laser melting (SLM) with variation of laser energy linear density (E). It revealed that a fully dense TiC/Inconel 718 part was fabricated at a proper E of 300 J/m. On increasing E from 225 to 300 J/m, the nano-TiC reinforcement experienced severe agglomeration to uniform distribution along the grain boundaries and inside the grains of matrix. The morphologies of nano-particles transferred from irregular polygonal to near-spherical shape. The presence of nano-TiC could also accelerate the refinement of columnar dendrites spacing of γ matrix. A high nanohardness of 4.48 GPa, a low coefficient of friction of 0.36 and resultant low wear rate of 3.83 × 10−4 mm3/N⋅m were obtained at E of 300 J/m, showing a significantly improved mechanical performance compared to the SLM-processed unreinforced nickel-based alloys.