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Improvement of operational temperature differences in district heating systems

: Hoon, L.; Bong-Kyun, K.; Youn-Hong, K.; Lindkvist, H.; Loewen, A.; Seungkyu, H.; Walletun, H.; Wigbels, M.
: Zinko, H.
: International Energy Agency -IEA-, District Heating and Cooling including including the integration of Combined Heat and Power -DHC/ CHP-; ZW Energiteknik AB; Korea District Heating Corp. -KDHC-; Fraunhofer Center for Energy and Environment -CEE-, Pittsburgh; Netherlands Agency for Innovation, Energy and Environment -SenterNovem-

Sittard: SenterNovem, 2005, 139 pp.
Reportnr.: IEA 8DHC-05.03
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()