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Quality feature based adjustment of robot programs exemplified for the welding process

: Schraft, R.D.; Neugebauer, J.-G.; Schaaf, W.

Morecki, A.; Bianchi, G.; Rzymkowski, C. ; Centre International des Sciences Mécaniques -CISM-:
RoManSy 13: Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators : Proceedings of the thirteenth CISM-IFToMM Symposium, held July 3 - 6, 2000 in Zakopane, Poland
Wien: Springer, 2001 (CISM Courses and Lectures 422)
ISBN: 3-211-83333-1
Symposium on Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators (RoManSy) <13, 2000, Zakopane>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
MAGROB; Roboter; Schweißen; software

This paper presents a new concept for the process-oriented adjustment of robot programs. The approach has been successfully implemented in the software MAGROB for welding a fillet weld. The result of the production process is visually assessed and determined in the manner of the quality features which are the input of the proposed system. Using fuzzy logic rules the quality features are translated into the process parameters which are then the basis for the calculation of the robot parameters.