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On an integrated process and machinery concept for economic industrialized production of higher quality wind turbine rotor blades

: Dörsch, C.; Rosemann, H.; Müssig, J.; Bagemiel, O.; Braun, R.; Sayer, F.

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20th International Conference on Composite Materials, ICCM 2015. Proceedings. Online resource : 19-24 July 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, 2015
Paper 5106-1, 12 pp.
International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM) <20, 2015, Copenhagen>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Fraunhofer IWES has investigated the production process of typical wind turbine rotor blades and developed a cost model to compare the current manual production process to new industrialized production concepts. The aim is identifying key methods to reduce blade cost: Development of cost-effective rotor blade materials with similar properties, reduction of manual labor and increase of production reproducibility for robust quality, as quality costs pose a significant part of blade costs. Fraunhofer IWES will show methods to achieve cost-effective production and present industrialized fabric handling and finishing processes as they are key factors for blade quality. Different production strategies developed by using draping simulation and a simplified finite element analysis for the complete lay-up process result in an industrialized fabric placement process to address these quality and manufacturability aspects of large blades. In many production processes the final shap e of the rotor blade is created by manual labor to reproducibly achieve the desired aerodynamics and surface quality. Fraunhofer IWES is developing a fast automated process for measuring, CNC-trimming and -grinding the blade to a shape with better aerodynamic and guaranteed structural performance by increased reproducibility. Fraunhofer IWES is currently building up a demo center for processes development and validation on the full scale blade level. Therefore Fraunhofer IWES has defined the specifications for an innovative easy-to-use CNC tool machine designed for industrialized rotor blade manufacturing, including an integrated CAD-CAM-solution.