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Investigation of liquid metal embrittlement of dual phase steel joints by electro-thermomechanical spot-welding simulation

: Frei, Julian; Biegler, Max; Rethmeier, Michael; Böhne, Christoph; Meschut, Gerson


Science and technology of welding and joining 24 (2019), No.7, pp.624-633
ISSN: 1362-1718
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
RSW; LME; advanced high strength steel; zinc coated steel; testing method; dual phase steel; Cracking; electro-thermomechnical model

A 3D electro-thermomechanical model is established in order to investigate liquid metal embrittlement. After calibration to a dual phase steel of the 1000 MPa tensile strength class, it is used to analyse the thermo-mechanical system of an experimental procedure to enforce liquid metal embrittlement during resistance spot welding. In this procedure, a tensile stress level is applied to zinc coated advanced high strength steel samples during welding. Thereby, liquid metal embrittlement formation is enforced, depending on the applied stress level and the selected material. The model is suitable to determine and visualise the corresponding underlying stresses and strains responsible for the occurrence of liquid metal embrittlement. Simulated local stresses and strains show good conformity with experimentally observed surface crack locations.