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StaBiFü® - efficient manufacturing of structural parts

Presentation held at 5. Automotive Photonics Konferenz, 14.02.2019, Ditzingen
StaBiFü® - Strukturbauteile wirtschaftlich fertigen
: Werner, Markus

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2019, 16 Folien
Automotive Photonics Konferenz <5, 2019, Ditzingen>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Prozesskette Blech; Stanzen; Biegen; Fügen

StaBiFü® (shortage for „stamping-bending-joining“) refers to a manufacturing method with high potentials. The economical advantages can be seen on the seat cross member whose general feasibility had shown, that tool material got reduced to 10% and the sheet metal utilization factor increased from 60% to 77%. With the chosen production sequence structural parts of the automotive industry can be produced more economically with the new method, if the yearly production numbers are around 30.000 pieces. Beside this the process chain allows a much faster ramp-up, the modification flexibility and agility is, compared to conventional methods, also considerably higher. Adjustable sub processes allow to balance out material- and process fluctuations. The locally limited deformations make the use of high strength materials possible and it is also realistic to change tooling during the production. Associated to the use of flexible sheet metal processing machines further potentials can be used to support e.g. the body in white effectively. By use of the K-knot and other fixing-/clamping helps integrated in the sheet metals, cost and complexity of fixtures can be reduced significantly.