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Polyčenie penopoliyretana iz različnych vidov piroliznoj židkosti i issledovanie ego pročnosti i chimičeskoj struktury

Obtaining of polyurethane foams from various types of pyrolysis liquids and investigations of its strength and chemical structure
: Jakovleva, Anastasija E.; Sabirzjanova, Al'mira I.; Zabelkin, Sergej A.; Gračev, Andrej N.; Baškirov, Vladimir N.; Schulzke, Tim

Derevoobrabatyvajuščaja promyšlennost' (2018), No.4, pp.39-47
ISSN: 0011-9008
Journal Article
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
polyurethane foam; pyrolysis liquid; compressive strength; IR spectrometry

The paper describes the results of a study on the preparation of rigid polyurethane foam from our own experimentally obtained prescription with the addition of pyrolysis liquid as a hydroxyl-containing component from various types of plant raw materials, namely straw, beech and birch. The nature of the influence of different types and contents of pyrolysis liquid on the compressive strength of polyurethane foam was determined, which showed that these samples have comparable strengths with a standard sample with a pyrolysis liquid content of 40%. Using the Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, the chemical structure of the samples was determined, the analysis of which allowed us to conclude that the use of pyrolysis liquid as a polyol component increases the number of functional groups in the polyurethane foam.