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Investigations into the potential abrasive release of nanomaterials due to material stress conditions. Pt.B: Silver, titanium nitride, and laponite nanoparticles in plastic composites

: Bott, Johannes; Franz, Roland

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Applied Sciences 9 (2019), No.2, Art. 221, 14 pp.
ISSN: 2076-3417
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Three plastic nanocomposites containing the nanomaterials silver, titanium nitride, and laponite were investigated on the potential to release nanoparticulates under stress conditions into food simulants. Nanocomposites were exposed to thermal, chemical, and mechanical stress followed by mechanical abrasion of their surface. Particle sensitive asymmetric flow field-flow fractionation (AF4) with multi-angle laser light scattering (MALLS) as well as inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) detection was used to detect and quantify the respective nanoparticulates. The results of this study demonstrate that even under dynamic stress conditions nanoparticulates are not released from the nanocomposites into food.