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Fixing the specification of the 'to-be-developed' stacks, stack components and manufacturing systems

A report compiled within the H2020 projekt Fit-4-AMandA (work package 1, diliverable D1.1)
Festlegung der Spezifikation der zu entwickelnden Stapel, Stapelkomponenten und Fertigungssysteme
: Scheffler, Sören; Barthel, Tom; Heidrich, Jürgen

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Created on: 18.1.2019

Brussels: European Commission, 2018, 19 pp.
European Commission EC
H2020; 735606; Fit-4-AMandA
Future European Fuel Cell Technology: Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
fuel cell; types of fuel cells; goals to market; PEM fuel cell design parameter; production cost target

Fit-4-AMandA focusses on the industrialisation of stack production and delivering affordable fuel cell systems in larger quantities to saturate the emerging market demand. The first step in the project is the formulation of the specifications of requirements for the automatic machine that will be producing stacks, which is the centrepiece of the fuel cell systems. Such requirements are the demands on the technology for the product manufacturing and also the product-side requirements for the processes of storage, supplying, assembling and handling. Furthermore, the requirements for the planned production system have to be defined in the same step, such as output cycle time and the kind of manufacturing und automation level, the general machine design, quality assurance system and special infrastructure requirements. This document is the result of collection of all the specifications related to the FC stack product, the machine design, the machine parameters and processing steps, as well as the quality control measures. It describes the concept - how and in what limits an automated PEMFC stack manufacturing plant could work and produce the targeted quality and quantity.