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Schottky diode and method for its manufacturing

: Erlbacher, Tobias; Hürner, Andreas

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US 2018108788 A1: 20161017
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention disclosure describes a manufacturing method for realizing so-called JBS areas for a unipolar power diode on the basis of diamond. In this special method, an n-doped layer is applied to the typically p-doped drift region, e.g. by means of epitaxial layer growth. The applied n-doped layer is then removed again in defined areas. A photolithographic mask may be applied and the n-doped layer is removed by dry or wet chemical etching. Having structured the JBS areas, the Schottky metal is applied to the entire surface. The resulting JBS structure shields an electric field generated by an applied reverse voltage from the Schottky transition. The reverse voltage from which the Schottky transition is fully shielded can be adjusted by altering the distance between the JBS areas.