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User equipment localization in a mobile communication network

Benutzergerätelokalisierung in einem Mobilkommunikationsnetzwerk
: Großmann, Marcus; Hadaschik, Niels; Landmann, Markus

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EP 3306337 A1: 20161010
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A receiver (UE), which is located in a spatial region of interest (118) served by a transmitter (eNB 1 -eNB 3 ) of a wireless communication network, receives a radio signal from at least one transmitter (eNB 1 -eNB 3 ) of the wireless communication network, and the radio signal has a plurality of position reference signal (PRS) sequences. Each PRS sequence has associated therewith a different PRS sequence identifier, and each PRS sequence is send using a different beam cone (116) of the transmitter (eNB 1 -eNB 3 ). The beam cones (116) of the transmitter (eNB 1 -eNB 3 ) for sending the plurality of PRS sequences are directed to the spatial region of interest (118). The receiver (UE) processes the radio signal to estimate a time of arrival (TOA) of each PRS sequence and to obtain for each PRS sequence the associated PRS sequence identifier. A position of the receiver (UE) is estimated using the times of arrival and the obtained PRS sequence identifiers.