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Apparatus for estimating a direction of arrival and corresponding method

: Sahinbas, Burak; Schühler, Mario; Wansch, Rainer; Weisgerber, Lars

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WO 2018054467 A1: 20160922
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention refers to an apparatus (1) for estimating a direction of arrival. The apparatus (1) comprises an antenna (2), a beamforming network (3), and an e valuator (4). The antenna (2) is configured to receive signals, is circularly polarized, and comprises a plurality of different radiation patterns. The beamforming network (3) is configured to provide based on signals received by the antenna (2) decomposed signals that are received by associated radiation patterns of the plurality of radiation patterns. The evaluator (4) is configured to estimate the direction of arrival based on the decomposed signals and based on information describing signal receiving characteristics of the antenna (2). The invention also refers to a corresponding method.