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Puck and method for manufacturing a puck

: Huther, Mathis; Pellkofer, Thomas; Retkowski, Reiner; Wildenhof, Stefan

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WO 2018050255 A1: 20160919
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Puck and Method for Manufacturing a Puck A puck having an outer shell (10, 10a) formed using a cylindrical body (12, 12a) and a circular cover (14, 14a). The cylindrical cover exhibits a first groove and tongue structure (20, 20a) formed in an axial end surface of the cylindrical body, which surrounds a cavity (18, 18a) formed in the cylindrical body. The circular cover comprises a second groove and tongue structure (22, 22a) formed in a surface of the circular cover and fitting to the first groove and tongue structure. The circular cover is attached to the cylindrical body using the first and the second groove and tongue structure.