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Pattern detection

: Bergen, Tobias; Ernst, Andreas; Garbas, Jens-Uwe; Hoffmann, Mathis

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WO 2018050223 A1: 20160914
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Embodiments of the present invention refer to a method for detecting a known pattern having homogeneous areas. The method comprises the steps of taking an image of the known pattern or, of at least a portion of the known pattern, and performing detection. Detection comprises at least two steps; namely, an initial detection of a first region of the image and the detection of a feature of the known pattern within a second region of the image. The second region is arranged adjacent to the first region. The initial detection has the purpose to estimate at least one region parameter, such as a position of the region of the pattern, and/or orientation of the region or distortion of same. Starting from this, the second region can be selected in which a feature, such as a corner of the checkerboard is detectable. This second detection step has the purpose to obtain at least one region parameter such as the position of a feature within the second region.