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Telecommunication terminal with voice conversion

: Cano Cerón, Estefanía; Grollmisch, Sascha; Lukashevich, Hanna

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WO 2018050212 A1: 20160913
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention provides a voice telecommunication terminal device (1) configured for being used for voice communication, wherein the voice telecommunication terminal device (1) comprises: a microphone (2) configured for converting a voice of a user (VO) into an electrical voice signal (VS); a voice modifier (3) configured for modifying one or more vocal parameters of at least one portion of the voice signal (VS) in order to produce a vocally modified voice signal (MVS); and a telecommunication interface (4) configured for connecting the voice telecommunication terminal device (1) to a telecommunication network (TN) and for transmitting the vocally modified voice signal (MVS) to the telecommunication network (TN).