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Encoder for encoding, and decoder for decoding, a 2-dimensional digital image representation into a data stream using applying additional information to a different coefficient

Codierer zur Codierung und Decoder zur Decodierung einer2-dimensionalen Digitalbilddarstellung in einen Datenstrom unter Verwendung von zusätzlichen Informationen zu einem anderen Koeffizienten
: Frutos López, Manuel; Fößel, Siegfried; Heppner, Wolfgang; Keinert, Joachim; Martinez del Amor, Miguel Angel; Richter, Thomas; Scherl, Christian; Thoma, Herbert; Wtjurin, Sergej

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EP 3291560 A1: 20161014
Patent, Electronic Publication
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An encoder for at least partially encoding a digital image representation into a data stream is shown. The encoder may comprise a processor for encoding groups of coefficients representing spatial components of the digital image representation. Furthermore, the processor may form the data stream using the encoded groups of coefficients wherein, if a coefficient is zero, the processor is configured to omit a respective sign information from encoding and to apply, for each omitted reference sign, additional information to a different coefficient.