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Force transmission device and operation auxiliary device

Exoskelett Seilspannung mit einer Feder
: Damfrau, Jochen; Jacobs, Theo; Maufroy, Christophe; Siee, Maik; Suzuki, Masataka; Watanabe, Takao

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WO 2018037785 A1: 20170720
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Provided is a force transmission device capable of holding the tension of a flexible force transmission member without changing the positions of an actuator and pulleys. Also provided is an operation auxiliary device. This force transmission device comprises: a first pulley; a second pulley; a flexible force transmission member which is stretched between at least the first pulley and the second pulley; a one-way clutch which allows the relative rotation of the first pulley in the same direction as the winding direction of the force transmission member with respect to the rotary shaft supporting the first pulley; and a load applying member which applies a load to the first pulley so that the first pully is relatively rotated in the direction in which the relative rotation is allowed.