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Apparatus and method for performing 3D estimation based on locally determined 3D information hypotheses

Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Durchführung einer 3D-Schätzung auf Grundlage von logal bestimmten Hypothesen von 3D-Informationen
: Eisert, Peter; Feldmann, Ingo; Kauff, Peter; Schreer, Oliver; Waizenegger, Wolfgang

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EP 3252713 A1: 20160601
Patent, Electronic Publication
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According to embodiments, an apparatus for performing 3D estimation on the basis of pictures of at least two different views comprises a hypotheses provider, a similarity measure calculator, and a 3D information determiner. The hypotheses provider is configured for locally determining 3D information hypotheses for positions of a current picture of a first view of the at least two different views on the basis of a pre-estimate which associates a 3D information estimate to each position of a picture of the first view. The similarity measure calculator is configured for calculating, for each position of the current picture of the first view, a similarity measure for each of the 3D information hypotheses of the respective position by measuring a similarity between a region of the current picture of the first view at the respective position and a corresponding region of a second view of the at least two different views located at a position displaced relative to the respective position by a respective 3D information hypothesis. The 3D information determiner is configured to select, for each position of the first view, the 3D information hypothesis of highest similarity measure.