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Best practice approach for assessment of microchip-associated tumors in preclinical safety studies: Position of the Registry of Industrial Toxicology Animal-data (RITA)

: Lapp, Stefanie; Bube, Axel; Colbatzky, Florian A.; Ernst, Heinrich; Kellner, Rupert; Nolte, Thomas; Rinke, Matthias


Toxicologic Pathology 46 (2018), No.7, pp.728-734
ISSN: 0192-6233
ISSN: 1533-1601
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITEM ()
microchip-associated tumor; implantation; Soft tissue tumors; RITA; best practice recommendation; sampling; recording; INHAND

Microchip (passive radio-frequency identification device) implantation is a common and widely employed means of animal identification in laboratory animal facilities. However, these devices have been associated with tumors of the skin and subcutis in rodents. While microchip-associated tumors are rare, they pose a challenge for accurate diagnosis and documentation in preclinical toxicity studies. Documentation of these tumors should differentiate microchip-associated lesions with spontaneously occurring or test article–induced tumors. Standardizing criteria for microchip-associated lesions will aid the diagnostic process and allow for preclinical regulatory standardization. To this end, the Registry of Industrial Toxicology Animal-data have developed clear recommendations for diagnosis and documentation of microchip-associated lesions.