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Titania supported on silica as an efficient catalyst for deep oxidative desulfurization of a model fuel with exceptionally diluted H2O2

: Piscopo, C.G.; Tochtermann, J.; Schwarzer, M.; Boskovic, D.; Maggi, R.; Maestri, G.; Loebbecke, S.


Reaction chemistry & engineering 3 (2018), No.1, pp.13-16
ISSN: 2058-9883
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ICT ()

Deep oxidative desulfurization has been carried out, achieving the production of a model fuel with minimal sulphur content (0–15 ppm). This desulfurization process has been developed in continuous flow, using a titanium supported heterogeneous catalyst and exceptionally low hydrogen peroxide concentration (0.77% w/w).