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An integrated all foil based micro device for point of care diagnostic applications

: Bose, I.; Ohlander, A.; Kutter, C.; Russom, A.


Sensors and Actuators. B 259 (2018), pp.917-925
ISSN: 0925-4005
Journal Article
Fraunhofer EMFT ()

Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostics often fail to meet the market requirements of low cost and advanced functionality, and are often limited to lateral flow based serological diagnostics with reduced sensitivity and specificity. We report here on an integrated microfluidic absorbance measurement device fabricated by roll-to-roll (R2R) compatible manufacturing processes, suitable for low cost POC systems. It is a device exclusively made of foils and takes external light from a low cost LED and converts the point light source to a homogeneous light via a foil based optical filter at the bottom of the device. The light is converted to an electrical signal by an amorphous organic semiconductor (OSC) material, integrated with screen-printed carbon finger on top of the device for electrical measurement. As a proof of principle, we demonstrate DNA hybridization assay, where the target DNA is coupled to magnetic beads for absorbance measurement. The device successfully distinguishes between matched and mismatched DNA hybridization and can differentiate between 1 μM, 50 nM and 2.5 nM DNA target concentrations. The inherent characteristics of the substrates and R2R fabrication concept significantly reduce the cost, making it suitable for POC applications at resource-limited settings.