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Forming optimisation embedded in a CAE chain to assess and enhance the structural performance of composite components

: Kärger, L.; Galkin, S.; Zimmerling, C.; Dörr, D.; Linden, J.; Oeckerath, A.; Wolf, K.


Composite structures 192 (2018), pp.143-152
ISSN: 0263-8223
Journal Article
Fraunhofer SCAI ()

Virtual process chains (CAE chains) are being increasingly developed to reduce the overall development costs of high-performance continuous fibre reinforced plastics (CoFRP). A current drawback is the need for integrated optimisation methods, which include multiple physical-based simulation steps in an efficient way. The present paper proposes a new two-loop CoFRP optimisation workflow comprising both process and structural simulation. A genetic forming optimisation method features the inner optimisation loop, looking at the process conditions. The resulting fibre orientations and fibre volume fractions are transferred to the structural simulation model. Subsequently, the structural performance is evaluated under consideration of the forming strategy, outlining the outer optimisation loop. The overall optimisation workflow is demonstrated by an automotive reference structure. Its complex geometry makes it challenging to form the textile without inducing manufacturing defects. The results of the optimization workflow show that both process results and structural capability can be considerably improved, if process optimisation is integrated in the composite design process.