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Hybrid inorganic/organic photonic crystal biochips for cancer biomarkers detection

: Sinibaldi, A.; Danz, N.; Munzert, P.; Michelotti, F.


Optics and laser technology 102 (2018), pp.227-232
ISSN: 0030-3992
ISSN: 0308-4280
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()

We report on hybrid inorganic/organic one-dimensional photonic crystal biochips sustaining Bloch surface waves. The biochips were used, together with an optical platform operating in a label-free and fluorescence configuration simultaneously, to detect the cancer biomarker Angiopoietin 2 in a protein base buffer. The hybrid photonic crystals embed in their geometry a thin functionalization poly-acrylic acid layer deposited by plasma polymerization, which is used to immobilize a monoclonal antibody for highly specific biological recognition. The fluorescence operation mode is described in detail, putting into evidence the role of field enhancement and localization at the photonic crystal surface in the shaping and intensification of the angular fluorescence pattern. In the fluorescence operation mode, the hybrid biochips can attain the limit of detection 6 ng/ml.