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Identification of Soft Failure Mechanisms Triggered by ESD Stress on a Powered USB 3.0 Interface

: Koch, Sebastian; Orr, Benjamin J.; Gossner, H.; Gieser, Horst A.; Maurer, Linus


IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility 61 (2019), No.1, pp.20-28
ISSN: 0018-9375
Journal Article
Fraunhofer EMFT ()
electrostatic discharge; failure analysis; peripheral interfaces; operational state; soft failure modes; powered USB 3.0 interface; ESD stress; soft failure mechanisms; quantitative information; system under test; characterization data; system verification boards; system design; failure levels; high-speed line operation; directional injection method; end-user operation; product life cycle; electrostatic discharge related soft failure mechanisms; USB; Universal Serial Bus; electrostatic discharge; stress; probe; IEC standards; magnetomechanical effects; magnetic susceptibility; electrostatic discharge; failure analysis; high-speed interconnect; integrated circuit reliability

The objective of this work is to identify electrostatic discharge (ESD) related soft failure mechanisms early in the product life cycle. We compare different methods of injecting ESD stress into USB 3.0 interfaces which are regularly exposed to ESD stress during end-user operation. A directional injection method is applied which is compatible to high-speed line operation and capable to provide quantitative information about failure levels. Soft failure modes are investigated depending on the operational state of the system under test. Five typical categories of soft failure modes of a USB 3.0 interface could be identified. A method to use the characterization data gained from system verification boards for final system design is presented.