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Modulating complex beams in amplitude and phase using fast tilt-micromirror arrays and phase masks

: Roth, M.; Heber, Jörg; Janschek, Klaus


Optics Letters 43 (2018), No.12, pp.2860-2863
ISSN: 0146-9592
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPMS ()
diffractive optics; spatial light modulators; phase modulation; micro-optical devices

The Letter proposes a system for the spatial modulation of light in amplitude and phase at kilohertz frame rates and high spatial resolution. The focus is fast spatial light modulators (SLMs) consisting of continuously tiltable micromirrors. We investigate the utilization of such SLMs in combination with a static phase mask in a 4𝑓 setup. The phase mask enables the complex beam modulation in a linear optical arrangement. Furthermore, adding so-called phase steps to the phase mask increases both the number of image pixels at constant SLM resolution and the optical efficiency. We illustrate our concept based on numerical simulations.