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Development and testing of a triple-beam Doppler lidar system for 3D wind measurement

: Warden, M.S.; Sorensen, S.T.; Macarthur, J.; Silver, M.; Holtom, T.C.; McDonald, C.; Clive, P.J.M.; Bookey, H.T.

19th Coherent Laser Radar Conference, CLRC 2018 : Okinawa, Japan, 18-21 June 2018
Red Hook, NY: Curran, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-5108-7033-8
Coherent Laser Radar Conference (CLRC) <19, 2018, Okinawa>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer CAP ()

We present results from our recent development of a triple-beam Doppler lidar system for accurate 3-dimensional wind measurements. The eye-safe all-fibre system consists of a central unit and three spatially separated remote units. The central unit contains a single seed laser that is shared between the remote unit. Each remote unit has its own optical amplifier, Risley prism beam steerer, and heterodyne detector. The photodiode signals are digitised and analysed in the central unit. The three lidar emitters were verified against each other and a calibrated meteorological mast at Myres Hill near Glasgow. To test the converging beam methodology, the three remote units were arranged in an equilateral triangle with an 8 m distance from each to the central unit and the three beams were brought to intersect at a height of 60 m. Steps towards wind turbine blade integration will be outlined.