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Application of Micro Structured, Boron Doped CVD-diamond as μEDM Tool Electrodes

: Uhlmann, Eckart; Oberschmidt, Dirk; Bolz, Robert

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Procedia CIRP 68 (2018), pp.649-653
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference on Electro Physical and Chemical Machining <19, 2018, Bilbao>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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μEDM; die-sinking; CVD diamond; tool electrode material

High precision cavities are used for micro injection and micro embossing tools in the field of tool making and are mainly used for small batch or mass production of micro parts. In order to fabricate a large quantity of parts, wear resistant tool materials are required. In possession of a high hardness and a high Young's Modulus, such materials are often hard or even impossible to machine by conventional fabrication processes. Being independent of the work piece's mechanical properties, Micro-Electrical Discharge Machining (μEDM) is predestined for this case.
μEDM is based on the modification of state of the art process technologies and universal machine tools applied for electrical discharge machining operations [1], [2]. Besides the adjustment of the electrical parameters, the μEDM-process is also determined by the tool electrode's material which has a big influence on the material removal rate VW, the electrode's wear behavior, as well as the process results concerning surface quality and dimensional accuracy [3]. Experimental investigations aim at decreasing the wear of tool electrodes using novel electrode materials. To assure an efficient process, short production times and low tool wear ϑ are demanded. Therefore, electrodes with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity along with a high mechanical strength have to be used.
Boron doped CVD-diamond is fulfilling these criteria. Microstructures within thin CVD-diamond foils are realized by direct structuring utilizing laser ablation and by indirect structuring using micro-structured copper substrates in the CVD-process, which transfer the micro-structure onto the growing diamond layer. Experiments were conducted in order to identify suitable EDM-parameters for different workpiece materials, namely steel 90MnCrV8, silicon carbide SiSiC and tungsten carbide K40F, which lead to lower tool wear ϑ and high accuracy.