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Modeling and Simulation of the Microstructure Evolution of 42CrMo4 Steel during Electrochemical Machining

: Klocke, F.; Harst, S.; Zeis, M.; Klink, A.

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Procedia CIRP 68 (2018), pp.505-510
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference on Electro Physical and Chemical Machining <19, 2018, Bilbao>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Machining independently of mechanical material properties like hardness or high temperature strength is one mayor advantage of the electrochemical machining process (ECM). Additionally, high material removal rates can be achieved in combination with best surface integrities. Nevertheless, one limiting factor in the resulting surface integrity can be a significantly varying dissolution rate of material phases in a multi phase material during ECM. These differences in the dissolution rates determine the surface topography as well as the achievable surface roughness. However, this behavior cannot be forecasted up to now. For that reason, this paper presents a model for the prediction of the microstructure evolution as well as simulation results regarding the influence of the electrochemical machining process on resulting surface topography for the ferritic perlitic steel 42CrMo4 in a passivating electrolyte system. With the help of the model, the evolution of surface topography can be predicted and will be analyzed for different process parameters and various initial microstructures.